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Seaside, CA



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  • Hungry men love Baan Thai

    Hungry men love Baan Thai

  • Genuine Thai greeting

    Genuine Thai greeting

  • Refreshments with a refreshing smile

    Refreshments with a refreshing smile

  • 10 homeruns in 27 W.S. Games

    10 homeruns in 27 W.S. Games

  • Thanks Mr. October for supporting us

    Thanks Mr. October for supporting us

  • Great food at honest prices

    Great food at honest prices

  • Most authentic outside of Thailand

    Most authentic outside of Thailand

  • Food created with love

    Food created with love

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five stars based on 5 ratings

Corie L. ***** 12/01/2015 I came here back from in the beginning of November. My friend and I finally arrived from the long drive up from Los Angeles, and we were HUNGRY so we stopped by here cause we were in the mood for... more

Christine D. ***** 10/23/2015 Wonderful food despite the un-touristy area! Dinner is served family style. We had the: beef salad, which I wish I hadn't shared because I would've ate the whole bowl. It had such a fresh and... more

by auste_rayome *****  07/06/2007 “The best West Coast Thai Food: This is the best Thai food I've had on the west coast. Yes, I have been to Thailand, twice. This place is tops.”

by Christi D *****  06/06/2007I love it, love it....IloveitIloveitIloveit: (The title is from a SNL skit with Molly Shannon playing Helen Madden) Anyway, I love this restaurant. Thai food is my favorite food and every time I go, I get the Yellow Curry with Chicken slightly spicy. It is is good, and a really good price for this area of the state.”

by Thomas *****  07/12/2005 “Love it!: Yum! Place has great prices and everything else good.

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“family run,very personable friendly fast service; delicious food; as good as our fav local thai place in boston. big spacious formica tables with lots of personal touches.

all 4 dishes we ordered were highlights:

pumpkin curry with chicken. really made with (the superior ) kabocha squash, pedppers, onions, coconut milk, red thai curry paste. rich and unctuous.

eggplant soybean w pork and thai basil. the most neutral of the sauces. great to have asian eggplant in a thai dish.

brown rice is really extraordinary here- made with both black 'forbidden rice' from thailand and w local brown rice. what a difference from plain brown rice in other thai restaurants. i'm going to start cooking these 2 types together at home. so chewy/meaty. a real rice epiphany!!

kai koar- noodle dish w/chicken and sprouts and peanuts. chow foon noodles i believe- my fav; chewy yum. great neutral foil for the various sauced dishes accompanying it.”

“There is also a GREAT Thai place in Seaside in the University Plaza called Bhan Thai - as good as any I've had in NYC or SF. jbyoga Jun 25, 2007 08:38AM

“Can you tell us more about the Thai place in Seaside,in terms of what you like on the menu and places you would compare it to in SF? susancinsf Jun 25, 2007 10:33PM

“Man - where to start - I dated a Thai gal a while back and she loved the place! I like the spicy wide noodles - the great green papaya salad and really, I've never had anything other than great food and service from this family run, unassuming place. Try it and report please! P.S If you want SPICY food they'll accomodate! jbyoga Jun 26, 2007 07:49PM

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four stars based on 224 ratings

“Warm welcomes every time, I eat here if I ever want great Thai food in Monterey.” in 19 reviews

“I had the pumpkin curry and it was very delicious, it took a long time to cool off though.we finished it off with mango sticky rice which was perfect!” in 12 reviews

“Tucked away in the back of a strip mall, this place has great lunch specials.” in 8 reviews

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“Great food, wonderful folks”  ***** October 3, 2009 Baan Thai is my very favorite restaurant in the whole peninsula. I have enjoyed the Baan Thai cusine for over six years, and they have been consistently great. My favorites are the curry dishes, and the Khao Tung appetizer.

“Awesome Staff and excellent Thai Food”  ***** February 18, 2016 I Love the Food from this Thai Gem. They offer speciality Thai Dishes not found in many Restaurants. My favorite is Nam Prik Ong ( hot ) The flavors come together and it tastes fantastic. The Curry Dishes and other Food is also delicious. Staff are exceptional and very friendly. Great Lunch specials.